Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nursery Progress

We've come a long way, and we're still not done yet... but it's fun to see the progress. This room was originally our 2nd guest room, our Christmas decoration storage room, and the room where we kept Mia in her crate while we were gone to work. Our first step was to re-organize closets and floor part of the attic to get stuff out of this room.

I found the bedding online first, then my mom found a store in Rockwall that had it in stock. It was on clearance because it was on display, so we got all the pieces for a pretty good price.

One day while Brian was at work, my mom came over and we (let's be honest... mainly she!) painted the wall behind where we were going to put the crib. It was fun to surprise him!

We found our furniture at Lonestar Baby in Frisco and had it delivered and assembled. Definitely worth it! We bought a crib, a dresser, a hutch, and a night stand.

The bedding set came with a valence, but I really wanted to add longer curtains to the window treatment so that we could make it darker in the room... and add a little more color contrast on the wall. My mom added a black out liner to the back of the panels and trimmed/sewed them to the right length. My brother, Jake, and my dad helped put up the curtain hardware.

We found the glider and ottoman at Lonestar Baby too. It took a couple weeks for them to put our fabric choice on it, but it was finally ready to be picked up last week. Love it!

Brian was busy last week sanding, painting, adding the rod, and hanging the shelf that I wanted to display the comforter. He did a great job! I think this corner looks so cozy!

And our little helper, of course. Sweet Girl had to give up her room and everything! She knows something is going on, but she has no idea how her world is about to change.
Can't wait for her and Olivia to meet!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Girlfriends Shower

On June 18th, some of my friends threw another perfectly pink and girly shower for Baby Olivia. A huge thanks is due to Hannah, Aubrie, and Rachael! I can't wait until I can repay the favor for each of them one day... These girls are truly my family! Initially, Remy began the planning process, but as she got closer and closer to her due date and eventually put on bed rest the other three girls took over and went way above and beyond. I'm not sure whether to be sad or excited about it, but Remy wasn't able to even come to the shower, because she was a little busy with her new baby boy, Tucker! More on that special day in another post...

The hostesses: Rachael, Hannah, and Aubrie

The gorgeous set up

Sweet guests

So glad that Dani and Baby Graham were able to make it :)

Mrs. Pam and Mamacita

The grandma's! Mimi and ???
Any suggestions for Mom's grandma name?

The sisters :)
Wonderful future aunt and babysitter!

More super cute clothes!!!

Brian's parents got us the Pottery Barn chair I had been wanting! I tried to buy it the other day when Brian and I were at the store, but he talked me out of it... Glad I didn't fight him too much about it :) It was a great surprise! My plan is to get her name monogrammed on it and take monthly pictures of her in it, like several other of my friends have done.

The hostesses were so generous!
They got us our Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack diaper bag!

Can't wait for Olivia to get here!

Hometown Shower

On June 12th, a group of my mom's best friends and family members threw a shower for Baby Olivia. It was perfectly sweet and girly and completely overwhelming! Olivia is already an abundantly blessed (and spoiled!) little girl. Sadly, I didn't get a picture with the amazing hostesses, but I want to thank Mrs. Cheryll, Mrs. Pam, Sue-Mama, Mrs. Karen, Mrs. Kandis, Mrs. Pat, Aunt Sara, Aunt Donna, and Mrs. Nancy for all their hard work and thoughtfulness! They served ice cream with all the fixings to make a perfect-for-preggos sundae, scrumptious mini cupcakes, and the most refreshing pink lemonade! Cool fact: my mom's friend, Mrs. Cheryll, who graciously opened up her home for this shower for me, is the same special friend that opened up her home for the baby shower for my mom when she was pregnant with me!

Sadly, a few of the pictures are blurry, but you get the idea...

Lots of super cute clothes!

I had a few helpers throughout the day too...
My sister, Anna, and her friend Abbey, my niece, Kinley...
the Porch girls, and the not-so-little anymore, Miss Caroline!

Besides a lot of precious outfits, we did get a few things off our registry, too!
Thanks to Becca and Tyler for our bumbo seat and tray!

One of the sweet ladies that came to the shower, Mrs. Dana, gave Olivia a beautiful handmade quilt that matches her nursery.
It says, "Eat... Play... Sleep... Repeat..."
Check out that baby bump too! Haha :)

My aunt Donna and Mrs. Nancy are so creative and thoughtful... and they wanted to make sure Brian felt included in the shower festivities... They put together the perfect "triathlon-themed" gift for the father-to-be. The doll has running shoes and a swimsuit on, and the bike came with a personalized helmet, water bottle, and Barbie bell!

A few weeks ago, I saw a picture of a hand-painted canvas online that gave me some inspiration for Olivia's nursery... kind of like Royalty/Princess, but the daughter of the King-type, not the spoiled diva-type. On the website, the canvas was in the wrong colors and I wasn't sure if we had enough time to order something custom from the website anyway, so I talked to my mom about hiring the art teacher at Covenant to do something for us... When I opened the canvas at the shower, I was immediately shocked that it was already done... but was even more shocked when my mom told me that my sister had painted it!!! I couldn't speak. Anna is very creative and does impressive doodles with markers, but painting on a canvas?! Are you kidding me?! It's ridiculous! ..and so much more meaningful that Aunt Anna made it for Baby Olivia! I can't wait to find the perfect place for it in the nursery...

Work Shower

On June 9th, one of my co-workers, Amanda, hosted a shower for me. We went to Uncle Julio's.. yum! The girls were so generous, and it really made me so excited for Olivia to get here! She needs to get started wearing all the cute clothes she's been given! Haha :)

The table of gifts mid-opening and the spread

The cutest little Baylor diaper cover and tutu... Sic 'Em Bears!

Erika and Audrey

Lauren and Sherrie

Robin and Ashley

And Amanda... the sweet hostess! Thanks again!