Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catching up... July through October!

Photo disclaimer: We do have better pictures that we took with our real camera, but they're on Brian's part of the computer. So, to make it easier I just used the file of my iPhone pictures.


Oh ya know, we had a baby...

At 9:30pm on July 10th I started having what I later discovered were contractions. Almost exactly 24 hrs later, we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Olivia Lynn Ballard was born on July 11th at 9:23pm, weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. Even though it was crazy hard, I'm proud to say I delivered her naturally... mostly just because I was too stubborn to officially ask for the epidural. Will I do it again next time? Brian hopes not. :) We had so many friends and family members there over the course of our stay in the hospital. We were so thankful and blessed by everyone who came to show their support and love on our Livi Girl.

Sunday, July 10

Monday, July 11
(smiling between contractions didn't last much longer after this!)

Proud daddy

Baylor Proud

My sister made this hospital door sign. So cute!

Friends (and babies!) visiting in the hospital

On our way home

First time in the bassinet

Week 1

Newborn Photo Session @ 3 Weeks

First play date with Tucker...
They both slept through most of it!


We were obviously still trying to figure things out at this point, but Olivia was a great newborn, in my opinion. She was relaxed, nursed quickly, and slept as good as could be expected. She loved to sleep on her tummy on our chests during the day and loved being swaddled in her bassinet during the night. We struggled a little bit at the beginning trying to get her weight up, she had mild jaundice, and we also had to deal with having thrush. Our families, especially my mom, were a huge help during the first month. Also, our Sunday School class organized meals for us every few days and that was greatly appreciated. On her one-month birthday, her daddy fed her her first bottle, and she loved it!

One month check-up stats:
8 lbs. 9 0z
No length measurements taken
Est. 21 1/4 inches

First bikini

One of our first times "out"

First time at church...
she always seemed to have a blow out during our Sunday School class!

Spending time at Mimi and Papa's with cousins

She slept like this, with her hands raised, all the time

Daddy giving Livi her very first bottle

First time using our awesome stroller

This is just proof that she doesn't smile and look cute ALL the time :)


This month I felt like we were starting to get a good routine down. As with most routines with babies, though, it seems like they change as soon as you've got it down. This month was filled with several trips to Waco to witness an awesome season of Baylor football. Olivia rolled over for the first time, from her tummy to her back, and we met two more of Olivia's future boyfriends, Kade and Case! We also had baby dedication at our church and were so thankful for family that was able to come support. Oh, and I got my hair chopped off...

Two month check-up stats:
10 lbs. 7 oz.
23 1/2 inches

We always had our handy-dandy wubba close by..
I might have added a little bow to the bear's head so it looked more feminine :)

With Uncle Jake, taking the game very seriously...

Love all our little Baylor gear

Welcome to the world, Casen!

First time out of newborn clothes! Mommy cried...

Olivia loves her playmat and her furry big sister

Short and sassy

All dressed up for baby dedication!


This month was filled with more trips to Waco for football games, meeting Baby Graham for the first time, and a lot more "firsts". She was a great traveler (and still is!), and we loved getting to know her little personality this month. We started getting lots of smiles and coos! Our big event this month was our trip to Boston to visit our cousin Michael and Aunt Al and Uncle John. Mimi and Papa and Granny Ballard were going and we decided to tag along for the second half of the week! The trip went great and it was so good to see them and be in Boston again.

3-month photo shoot

Visiting G-Mama and Aunt Sissy at Covenant.

Brian called her our Halloween Ballerina or our "Hallerina"

Our Aunt Sissy turned 15!

We got our wood floors replaced after some water damage from our A/C vent in the attic.
We had to move out of our house for a week but it all looks great now!

First time in Mimi and Papa's swing.. She loves being outdoors!

She loves bath time!
She hasn't cried since the very first one.

Olivia and Daddy before church one Sunday

Welcome to the world, Graham!

In Massachusetts, on the Old North Bridge