Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rachel is fired

So...in the last 4 months, Rachel's blog readers have only gotten 1 teaser update. I know Rachel is still reading your blogs, but hasn't been updating her own...that just doesn't seem fair! Here is an update on our lives the last few weeks:

-Brian went camping with all of Jake's groomsmen
-Brian turned 25, yay for lower auto insurance!!!
-Brian did a triathlon
-Brian's truck rolled over 90,000 miles last week (his 1st vehicle by the way)
-We had a big Ballard Family Easter gathering at Brian's grandma's house and the great-grandkids hunted Easter eggs
-We are still looking for a house
-Rachel had her first work trip (to a conference in Austin)
-Went to OKC for Clay and Lindsey's Wedding

Let's see how long it takes for Rachel to realize her blog has been updated. Shhhh!

P.S.-Rachel still has a job, she is just fired from blogging.