Monday, July 28, 2008

Babysitting with my sister

Week before last, my sister, Anna, spent the night with Brian and I. We loved having her, and I think she enjoyed it too. She and I did lots of fun things during the day on Thursday, and then Brian took us out to eat at Steak & Ale for dinner. On Friday morning, she went with me to babysit the Porch girls. She was a big help, and the girls loved her. She took a "Safe Sitter" course this summer, so it was a good chance for her to get to practice. In fact, she did a great job changing her first diaper! I just wanted to brag on my little sister, so enjoy the pictures below. She's getting so big, so fast. (She'd want me to mention that she now wears a bigger shoe size than me. It won't be long before she passes me in height. But we all know that's not saying much...)

The twins with Anna

Anna reading to Emma Jane

I put the camera on a timer! Aren't I smart?!
We forgot to take pictures while Mollie was there!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been a while...

You know what's ironic? I check for other people's blog updates daily (sometimes more than once a day!), and get frustrated when their posts are more than a week old. Here I am, updating ours more than 10 days after my last entry. Yikes! I will try to do better :) 

A lot has happened, but I'll try to hit the highlights:

1) I finished school... forever! Thursday was the last day of my internship and I turned in a paper for my final. Pretty exciting! I have a few loose ends to tie up with some paperwork and then graduation check-out is August 4th. For some reason this year, UTD decided not to have a summer graduation ceremony, so I will not be walking, but I pick up my diploma on August 23rd - my actual graduation day! I can't believe I'm already done with grad school. At times, it seemed like I would be in school for the rest of my life, but looking back it really flew by. Now, I am going to thoroughly enjoy the fact that I never have to go back to school again (except that I'll probably work in a school one day...), and start looking for jobs. Brian would probably like me to hurry up with that, but it's nice just to breathe and enjoy being a little bit lazy! 

2) We went to Austin this weekend for Brian's Xterra off-road triathlon. These are a little different than a normal triathlon. First, they swam 1000 meters in a lake/river and they had to get up and run in shallow water for part of it. Then there was a 14 mile mountain bike ride. Brian and a lot of the other riders felt like it was one of the most technical courses they'd ever ridden. Finally, they had a 5 mile trail run. Parts of it were so steep that they had to pull themselves up by ropes that had been attached to trees. It was hot, but it started early so we were done around noon... before it got really hot! Brian did great... he said it was pretty difficult but he ended up doing better than he thought he would. His finishing time was just at 3 hours. Mia and I were his cheerleaders. We tried to stay hydrated and cool in the shade while were waiting for Brian to finish. Mia was very well behaved... several people commented on it... which makes me so proud of my sweet puppy! Also, I got really excited because there were two other Weims (that's for you, mom) there with their owner. Her husband was the medic on call out there, so we let the dogs play for a while during the race. One of her dogs was 2 years old and the other was 5 months! It was so fun to play with a young puppy again!

3) While we were in Austin, we also got to see Jenni and Kyle... the brand new Kriegles! We got to go see their new apartment and they took us to eat at The Oasis, a popular spot in Austin, overlooking Lake Travis. Amanda Smith just happened to be visiting in Austin the same weekend, so she got to join us for dinner too! It was so much fun! Brian and I love being able to catch up and keep in touch with good friends from college.

Here are a few pics from the weekend!

At the Oasis

Finishing the race

Mia supporting her daddy at the triathlon

The other weims we saw at the race

Friday, July 11, 2008

Independence Day 2008

I know I'm a little slow, but better late than never. I've been busy, people. Brian and Mia and I spent the weekend of the 4th of July at my grandparents lake house, err... lake trailer out in the little west Texas town of Breckenridge. We've been going out there since I was about 6 or 7, and it's always so much fun... minus the fire ants! It's a little on the white-trash side, but we love it! This year I think we crammed more people into that double-wide trailer than ever before. Let's see... Nana and Papa, my mom and dad and Anna and Luke (Jake was out of town with Aubrie's family), me and Brian and Mia, my Uncle and Aunt and 3 cousins, one of them brought a friend plus their 2 dogs, Greg, Pam and Hannah Hill, and my other cousin Katie... I think that brings our total to 18 people and 3 dogs. Pretty impressive, huh? Brian and I drove down there on Thursday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon. We ate a lot, played in the lake, laid out, played cards, went fishing, played with sparklers, put on our own fireworks show, experienced a brush fire, and taught Mia to fetch and swim in the water!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Brian's artful photography

Another one of Brian's cool photography ideas...

This is how Mia watched the fireworks for most of the night.

Nana directing us in a patriotic sing-along.
I think it was "America, the Beautiful".

Playing our favorite card game at the moment, Nertz.

A boy and his dog.
Brian was very proud that Mia finally liked getting in the water.

Hannah and Anna
Anna is thrilled her name is completely inside hANNAh's

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, Mia turned 1! I can't believe it. She's grown up so fast! I took her to the vet for a booster on her vaccinations and a one-year check up. She officially weighed in at 67 lbs! After Brian got home and we ate dinner (I made chicken spaghetti.. yum!), we took Miss Mia to PetSmart for a birthday treat... Doggie Ice Cream! They make ice cream that is safe for dogs (lactose free, sugar free, fat free), and she loves it. They gave it to her when she graduated from Puppy Training Class, so Brian and I thought it would be perfect for her birthday treat. They gave it to us for free, and she licked the bowl clean! Brian had to hold it for her, because she the bowl kept moving while she was trying to finish it off. Our trainer from the Puppy Class just happened to be there at the same time, and when she saw us through the window, she came out to say hi to Mia. She couldn't believe how big Mia was - the last time she saw her she was about 12 weeks old! :) After she finished her ice cream, we went to look at new doggie beds for her birthday gift. She tried out several, but we finally found the perfect one. In fact, she's curled up on it at the moment... so precious. We even remembered to take a coupon with us so we saved $10. Aren't you proud?

After we finished up at PetSmart, we came home because we had visitors coming to our house. First, Danny came to eat sugar cookies with Brian, and to see "Mia, Mia". I brought a box of Granny's sugar cookies home from Texarkana (more on that later), and that was more than a good enough reason for those two boys to get together. Danny and Brian have been really good friends since junior high, and he was a groomsmen in our wedding. He's been a great friend to Brian, and we love getting to see him. Then, my youngest brother, Luke came over. We needed to trade cars, so he came and ate sugar cookies with us too. It was good to see him too.

This past Monday morning, I went to Texarkana with Brian's mom, Ava, and his sister, Allison. We drove up there, spent then night, and then drove back home on Tuesday evening. We went to visit Brian's Granny, and several other family members dropped by while we were there. We just relaxed and talked and ate. What more can you ask for? It was a great girl's trip, and I was really glad I was able to go. We missed Loree and Kinley though! (That's my other sister-in-law and 8-month-old niece) I feel so fortunate to have married into such a wonderful family!

Below are the pictures we took on Mia's 1st Birthday!

Family Photo

Mia loves Doggie Ice Cream!

The princess is sleeping...

Brian, Danny, and Luke enjoying their sugar cookies!


I figured out how to post pictures... thanks for the help, Loree and Brian! They're at the end of my last post! Check them out!

Look for another post tonight!
Topics: Girls' trip to Texarkana and Mia's 1st Birthday!
Get excited! :)